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I’m here to express my trash taste opinions on anime I enjoy and like, and other stuff

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Spring Anime 2022 seasonals

Winter 2022 was a strong start to some amazing slice of life anime and sleeper hits in general. Spring looks like an even greater contender for some seriously quality shows with a plethora of idol and slice of life anime to look forward to.  Must Watches Machikado Mazoku Season 2 The long awaited RETURN ofContinue reading “Spring Anime 2022 seasonals”

Top 10 Anime of 2021

What does a great anime do? We remember it lot after it has finished airing, and we reminisce over the strong feelings they elicited. Whether it was a comfy atmosphere to sit back and relax to, or a strong feeling of empathy for the protagonists, it was something that made us feel something deep. IContinue reading “Top 10 Anime of 2021”

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