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Love Live: Nijigasaki High School Idol Club Episode 2

Finally Saturday rolled around for the show that always makes the week worth it. Last week, we were introduced to Yu and Ayumu, who have decided to join the Nijigasaki Idol Club, only to find that it’s been disbanded. But our favorite tsundere Kasumi won’t let that sit down if she can help it.

Oof. Small flashback to WHY the idol club was disbanded in the first place. Seems that there was a big disagreement between the leader Setsuna and Kasumi over how to conduct their first concert. Setsuna then had to perform it alone, after the other members decided to go their separate ways. Rough indeed. 

HAHA nice throwback to the original Love Live disguise of red sunglasses. Kasumi is going full incognito to revive the idol club. But things won’t go that smoothly….

Busted. This ain’t GTA, the President will flay you alive for your theft. 

Got away scot-free. And disrespected the authority. Respect gained. 

And cut to the opening. And wow, that crisp opening is something else. And uh, lot of yuri vibes. Maybe just a bit.

Wholesome handholding and hugs, nothing to see here.

LOVE LIVE GANG. This some mafia stuff now, and it’s great. They busta a cap in yo ass.

Song was straight up popping, definitely my favorite Love Live anime opening, next to It’s Our Miraculous Time. Hopefully comes out soon for streaming, they always make good beats.

Guess she couldn’t evade the Popo forever….the face of despair. 

And the Avengers (of Love Live) begin to come together…

The interactions between the three are definitely wholesome and funny, with Kasumi trying to pretend that she’s the president of the school idol club and garnering respect from Yu and Ayumu (despite them being a year older). 

And we get the source of Kasumi’s nickname KASU KASU. She definitely has a complex about that, but I mean her full name is Kasumi Nakasu so what are ya gonna do.

Unfortunately, since their club was disbanded, they struggle to find a place to actually conduct idol activities.

RIP Ayumu, you’re gonna have to overcome many obstacles to become as cute as Kasumi, or so Kasu Kasu says…

My man’s has seen some stuff… they been through a lot…

Kasumi realizes that pushing her own beliefs onto Ayumu about what being a true school idol is, is exactly what Setsuna was doing to the rest of them before the club disbanded. Character development! It’s that simple folks. 

Aw she’s practicing by herself

Skrrrt, mission failed, we’ll get em next time. Maybe shouldn’t practice right outside the school. 


Real talk. If only people in real life could come to that conclusion. 

And finally, KASUMI’S SONG!! Definitely my favorite solo of Kasumi’s.

Too many great art shots, they’re really seamless in changing from 3-d models to the 2-d art style, it’s barely noticeable. 

And always stay tuned after the after credits scene, cuz it’s a real shocker….


Secret identity foiled, now what?

Anyway, great second episode, only bad thing is I have to wait another full week for the next episode. Looks like it’s focused on Setsuna wiffle waffling over her decision to disband the idol club, so hopefully we’ll see her song performance.

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