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Adachi and Shimamura Episode 2

Last week’s season premiere of Adachi and Shimamura was off to a great, although slow start. But after this episode…oh boy, they went from a 0 to a 100 real quick in the best of ways. The episode starts out with this yuri goodness.

THE ROMANCE HAS BEGUN. Adachi realizes that Shimamura is really good at breaking down her walls. I wonder why?

Fast forward, to where we left off last episode. So apparently the astronaut kid is from outer space AND the future. Not sure how true that is, I didn’t know this was also a sci-fi genre along with yuri. 

Adachi’s friend senses that this kid might be missing a few marbles, so dips accordingly. I don’t blame her, people are crazy nowadays.

Peace, late. I’ll see you tomorrow chief.

Shimamura and the self-proclaimed Alien share some small talk, which draws a nice parallel to Adachi and Shimamura’s relationship. The Alien is here to pick up her “compatriot”, but is happy to take her time as she knows her compatriot is safe. Shimamura, is still debating her relationship with Adachi, but is also happy where they are at right now, in a sense not overstepping her bounds. Oh Shimamura, if you only knew how Adachi felt.

Wow. Relationship upgrade much? We delve more into Shimamura’s inner thoughts, as we learn that she doesn’t like opening up much to others (just like Adachi). They’re really quite possessive of each other. 

Shimamura manages to convince Adachi to start going to classes again. And of course Adachi agrees (You’re whipped girl!!!!)

YOU GO GIRL, GET ITTTT. First the bold sleep on your waifu’s lap, and now bold compliments. What makes this better, is that Shimamura also thinks Adachi is pretty as well. Well well well how the turns table.

Don’t look a gift horse in the mouth, hon. 

My heart….can’t handle this much sweetness…Adachi how did you get so bold after one episode! But our precious Shimamura remains a bit, ah, dense as always. The implications seem to fly over this one’s head, which will be a frustrating as the episode goes on.

Oh Shimamura…you’re torturing Adachi like so. Indirect kisses now, how lewd. Bear in mind, this is all happening in one day, after school. 

Pack it up folks, Adachi did it.

Must have taken all of Adachi’s courage to do that. Welcome to the Green Lantern Corps, you have immense force of will. 

Unfortunately, this doesn’t last long as they run into the Alien. Why you gotta ruin their moment!!!

Jealousy kicks in once again. Don’t ignore your girlfriend, Shimamura! You gotta read the mood, cuz Adachi is one jealous fellow. The derpy look on Shimamura’s face is funny though. Oof. Anyway, back to Adachi’s perspective.

Adachi in her fantasies. I mean, who HASN’T replayed over and over in their heads, the compliments that their crush gave to them? 

This anime is grade A diabetes. Inject that stuff into my veins.

Whoa, Adachi is going ham in these fantasies. Avert your eyes, children.

Oh man, I feel you. Just when it was getting good, waking up to reality. RIP for Adachi. 

Girl, you got it BAD. 

Once again, we see that Adachi is very, very possessive of Shimamura. Adachi, you need to get more friends, obsession with one person is never healthy. But we can see that Adachi is becoming very self aware of her feelings.

Fast forward, and we see Adachi working as a waitress. And guess who shows up…

The smug grin can be put on a painting hahaha. 

But hey, if I were you Adachi, I’d consider this a win. She thinks you look great in the uniform!

Wow this hit home more than I thought. When you just want to spend time with your crush, but you get blocked by their friends. On a serious note, Adachi tolerates Shimamura’s friends but doesn’t make an effort to become friendly either. She wants to spend time with Shimamura alone, and sees them as intruding in their special space. Not to worry, she gets her wish, as they go to Shimamura’s house after school, the two of them. Alone. Wonder what happens.

Adachi asks to sit between Shimamura’s legs, and has an internal meltdown. Trust me, Shimamura won’t think anything naughty of it at all. Adachi, you gotta have some self control pal.

Adachi got way more than what she asked for, and she’s not exactly displeased.

YES YES YES, she realizes!!! Unfortunately this is all in her head, but it’s a start.

And then Adachi tries kissing Shimamura, but Shimamura (thankfully) thinks Adachi is sick because she’s blushing so hard.

Oh man… you have a long way to go Adachi. At least your waifu is oblivious to your actions, cuz I’d die of embarrassment. Gotta love the subtitle translation here, it’s too fitting. What the eff indeed. 

So much progress in one episode! And people were complaining about how the Light novels are much slower, but the anime ramped it up a notch. Another great episode with so many cute moments between the two. Looking forward to more of Adachi’s shenanigans (and romantic failures? success!) next week. 

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