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Spring 2021 Seasonals

Spring 2021 is soon upon us, and marks the arrival of hyped anime that I have been waiting for a LONG time. Without further ado, let’s dive in and see the best of what April has to offer.

Most Anticipated Anime: 

I’ve Been Killing Slimes for 300 Years and Maxed Out My Level

This looks like a really comfy, slice of life fantasy setting anime. It is also an isekai, where the MC is an office lady who died of overwork and has reincarnated into another world. Her goal this time is to kick back and relax, taking things at her own pace. After (literally) killing slimes for 300 years, she has become the strongest being in the world, and soon her quiet idyllic life will be interrupted as others seek to test their strength against her. The art style is very cute, and reminds me of a mix of the humor from Konsuba and the laid back comfiness from Princess connect. Definitely a chill anime that I am looking forward to, and seems to be waifu material. 


Weirdly enough, I bought volume 5 for this Light Novel series from Kinokuniya as the cover art looked great and intriguing. A war story, with mechs and a sci-fi setting, where two sides are constantly at war and the two main characters are kinda in love with each other? Sounds spicy to me. The fight scenes look to be amazing, and the music is going to be done by Sawano Hiroyuki, a GOD TIER composer, definitely check out his other work done in Aldnoah Zero, Re Creators, etc. I will definitely be checking this out, for the music and intricate military plot. 

Combatants Will Be Dispatched

This is gonna be hype. Why? Same author of Konosuba. Nuff said.

It’s looking to be a comedy filled, waifu filled sci-fi fantasy adventure. 

The main character is a criminal mercenary working for a criminal organization, except he is a lowly grunt in the hierarchy. All this man wants is a promotion and a raise, but he first has to take over an alien planet. There’s just one problem; there’s already another evil organization in charge of the world he was sent to. Shenanigans will ensue, as a bottom feeder assassin strives to take over a foreign world, all for a promotion. 

Also, the blonde girl will definitely be the Megumin of this series. Quote me on that. 

Zombieland Saga Revenge:

Two and a half years… and our prayers have been answered. At long last, Franchouchou is back with a vengeance, even out for revenge you might say. Quick background for those who have not seen season 1 (which you SHOULD), Franchouchou is an idol group. There’s just one catch; they’re all zombies, reanimated to life. Quite a hurdle for an idol group to be successful. Except they did, taking the stage by storm. Only now, it seems, that season 2 starts off with their group in shambles. But revenge they will get, as they return to take back everything they have lost. 

Seriously, I highly recommend watching season 1, as the character development, the songs, the waifus, and the manager character (voiced by Okabe from Steins Gate) is just Chef’s kiss. Highly anticipating this one, it’s been too long. 

Upcoming Slice of Life: 

Super Cub

Seems to be a slice of life anime about biker girls? Might be worth a look into, the art reminds me of PA works’ style. 

Yakunara Mug Cup Mo

A CGDCT anime about pottery. The art is pretty easy on the eyes, and pottery as a main topic is pretty unique. This will be spicy indeed. 

The Maybes:

A Romantic Comedy Where the Childhood Friend Absolutely Will Not Lose

Looks like a cute romcom, love triangle anime. It’s being done by Doga Kobo, a studio that mainly does CGDCT anime, so it may hold some promise. 

I Shaved. Then I Brought a High School Girl Home

This is going to be very interesting. The manga tackled some serious topics (no spoilers) and was very drama heavy. People will either love or hate this anime. Personally, I’m looking forward to how they adapt the material but this will be memorable for sure.

Blue Reflection Ray

Last but not least, an anime that is a video game adaptation. I heard through the grapevine, that it has massive yuri undertones, so I’m definitely keeping an eye on this one. Supposedly a magical girl anime as well. Yall can decide if their handholding has implications or not. 

That wraps up the Spring 2021 seasonals to look out for! Definitely some major contenders for anime of the year, and looking forward to it. 

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