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Combatants will be Dispatched Episode 1 Review

Finally, Konosuba’s spiritual successor Combatants will be Dispatched aired today. Same author of Konosuba, and from what the first episode showed, same vibes too. 

First let’s get this out of the way. 

This face has seen some stuff.

Snow (the Aqua)

Combat Agent Six (the Kazuma)

Alice Kisaragi (the Megumin)

No Darkness counterpart yet, but it’s only episode 1. 

And of course, the Waifu Leaders of Kisaragi, the supreme Evil Organization of Earth.

The Trinity of Waifus of Evil

Definitely a fun and whacky cast. Art is a bit rough on the edges, but the jokes are comedic and funny. 

The story goes as Kisaragi Company looks to conquer other worlds besides Earth, and decides to send one of their lackeys, named Combat Agent Six (his actual name isn’t given), who is a perverted flunkey who has no choice but to accept the job, lest he be fired once Kisragi actually finally conquers the earth and must downsize the company. 

So he and their android, named Alice Kisaragi are teleported to a world similar to Earth and begin their conquest. Already their relationship is off to a humorous and rocky start.

RIP Kazuma counterpart

They are then saved by a heroic, albeit greedy and selfish and Aqua-like knight named Snow, who brings the duo to their kingdom.

The duo soon learn that their kingdom is at war with their neighbor, a nation of demons, and Combat Agent Six seizes the opportunity to pretend to be a hero. Well at least Alice does, as Combat Agent Six isn’t the brightest bulb in the room, with his pervertness clouding his mind. 

This is the face of a man, who thinks only with his ahem private parts. 

The trio are assigned as a team together by the Kingdom’s princess, and shenanigans will ensue.

No kidding they’re suspicious, one is a complete idiot, and the other is an android girl with a shotgun. Looking forward to the next episode, but lots of waifu material already and the humor hits in the right spots. 

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