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Summer 2021 Seasonals

Spring has been a great season for anime, and Summer 2021 ain’t stopping the hype train. With long awaited adaptations, sequels, and originals, let’s see what July has to offer. 

The Big Ticket Items

Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid S

Return of the QUEENS

Our beloved dragon maid and lovable cast of whacky endearing personalities is back after 4 long years. And it looks like we have a new cute villain with massive oppais to cause a ruckus for our heroes. Interestingly, the first season ended off with an anime original episode. Maybe it was meant to be a one season thing, but the explosive popularity blasted it to get a season two, and everyone’s cheering for it. I’m ready for one of the best slice of life anime to return, as it’s a really great blend of fantasy, modern civilization, comedy, and waifus.

Bokutachi no Remake

Apparently this is a light novel, but I only started following the manga adaptation and wow it’s pretty interesting (and waifus of course heh). The premise is of a failure of a corporate worker in the game industry, and regrets his life decisions. But what if he had the chance to go back in time, and say redo it all? Instead of abandoning his ideals to chase reality, why not try for the opposite. He is abruptly brought back a decade, just as he is entering college. A second chance to chase his true dreams, of being a filmmaker. The twist is, his housemates are famous individuals in the future in the film industry. Can he make this work this time? 

The manga is behind the light novels by a lot, but the content it has so far has a lot of heart. You really sympathize with the characters’ struggles to become professionals, and their conflicts elicit a lot of emotion and frustration. A good journey for the MC and the other characters to show their growth into the legendary figures they will eventually become. 

Aquatope of White Sand

Totally just friend hehe xd

A PA works anime original, I have high hopes for this one. PA works recent anime originals have been hit or misses (Looking at you Day I became a God controversial lookin ass), but the art and premise for this look spicy. Yuri vibes let’s go. 

Basic premise looks like a former idol who ditches her job, and decides to chill in the beachside for a bit to gather her thoughts. As fate would have it, she runs into a girl who works at an aquarium, that threatens to shut down. The duo work together to save the aquarium, and chase their yuri dreams. Cough cough, don’t bait me. All that aside, even if there’s no yuri, it looks like a coming of age, slice of life anime. And it’s PA works eye candy either way. 

Love Live Superstar

The goddesses are back

The Big Badonkadonk. The King of Kings. Love live is back, baby. Even though Nijigasaki aired less than a year ago, Love Live hype train ain’t stopping for NOBODY. The official “3rd” generation of Love Live is here. Interestingly, it’s just 5 girls this time, and they’re all in their 1st year. The idol formula is being vastly different this time, but it’s Love Live, we the fans will eat that stuff up. No premise or trailer out yet, despite slated for July release. 2 months away, but they keep blue balling us. GIVE US SCRAPS PLEASE. 

Keeping my eye on these ones

How a Realist Hero Rebuilt the Kingdom

Yay another isekai. It’s not your typical fantasy overpowered one. This one focuses on economics (Spice and Wolf vibes!) as the Hero intends to rebuild the country not through brute force or strength, but through wits and reform. The light novel is super popular from what I’ve gleaned, and an isekai that relies on drama and skills rather than flashy fights? Might be worth checking out the first few episodes. 

The Detective is Already Dead

No it’s NOT an idol anime you scrubs. I only picked out this picture cuz it looked cute. This is a mystery anime and another light novel adaptation (so many of those nowadays, where’s the one for I’m in love with the villainess HUH?). Of course, looking like waifu material, an essential prerequisite. 

The premise is that of a detective duo, a guy and a gal that cracked countless cases. Until the gal died, from line of duty. The guy would retire, and attend high school as a normie. But one day, he would come across a new girl who looked identical to his former partner. As fate would have it, he would be unwittingly thrown back into the fray. Gosick vibes strong, eat your heart out you mystery genre fans. 

Kageki Shoujo!!

Look at this beautiful art style

It’s been a while since we had a stage theater anime in Revue Starlight, and this looks like its spiritual successor. We have our two MCs, one who is naive and green as grass, longing to be at the top of the stage production. The other, a former idol who doesn’t care for the stage anymore, and lost her aspirations. The duo will rise to be the next Karen and Hikari, oops wrong anime. This should be fun to watch, the music and performances will be bangers for sure. 

Kanojo mo Kanojo

Token harem anime jajaja. Funnily enough, the premise sounds very comedic. The MC starts dating his childhood friend, but is then received a confession from another girl. Not wanting to hurt anybody’s feelings, he decides to date them both except both girls know. It’s a love triangle, where everybody knows what’s up. Nothing can go wrong, right?

Banished from the Hero’s Party (insert rest of long title here)

A cute slice of life fantasy anime! The MC was kicked out of his party (RIP), but decides to lead a quiet relaxing life instead. The cute twist is that a former party member of his, a beautiful waifu, shows up to move in with him. Let’s see where this goes, I’m just in for the fluffiness. The art style is really easy on the eyes too.

Peach Boy Riverside

Looks are deceiving.

Fantasy anime with pretty girls! What could go wrong?

Mild heart attack

Oh. Well that was a dark turn of events.

A naive princess goes into the outside world, and realizes it’s much darker than she imagined. I laughed at the initial visual, thinking it’s a cutesy anime. Oh how wrong I was.

My Next Life as a Villainess Season 2

The return of our dense, villainess protagonist. Seriously, where’s our anime for I’m in love with the villainess (cries in corner). I haven’t watched season 1, but I heard amazing things. It’s a reverse harem, and a YURI and hetero harem at that. Greatness awaits us, except our MC is as dense as a black hole. 

And that’s it for the summer 2021 anime! At least the ones I’m personally invested in or find mildly interesting. Can’t wait to see what they bring.

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