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Winter 2022 Anime Seasonals

The winter 2022 anime season is upon us, and with it the holidays! 2021 was a great year for anime, and it looks like 2022 will only continue the hype train. Winter 2022 looks like the season for highly anticipated sequels, adaptations, and best of all CGDCT anime. These are the ones I’ll be looking out for. 

Sono Bisque Doll

A highly anticipated adaptation of a very wholesome manga, Sono Bisque Doll (or My Dress Up Darling) is a heartwarming story of a doll maker boy who meets a gyaru in his class who wants him to be his costume designer. The duo dive into the vivid world of cosplay, and presents to us an in depth perspective on the cosplay scene. And what’s a wholesome story without some cute budding romance? 

The anime will be done by Cloverworks, so I have high expectations (despite their uh misses in 2021). The PV looks quite promising and really brings the manga to life. Can’t wait to see their cute and funny antics on screen. 

Princess Connect Re Dive season 2

Long awaited sequel to Princess Connect Re Dive is here. Many had little expectations of this mobile game anime adaptation, and were pleasantly surprised to see that it was a calm and slice of life version of Konosuba, where the party members were actually competent (and lovable in their own way). Get ready for the return of Kokkoro’s OxO face, the mute protagonist Yuuki, the hungry and peckish Pecorine, and the ever misfortune Kyaru. The Gourmet Guild is back in town!

Kaijin Kaihatsu-bu no Kuroitsu-san

This looks like the generic fantasy trash that I come back to anime for. Office lady Touka works as a scientist to develop monster like kaijus for the forces of evil. Except she is overworked, underappreciated, and hates her boss. Hijinks ensue. It probably won’t be the best, but damn if I won’t be able to sit back and enjoy some anime to turn my brain off for. 

Girls’ Frontline

Another mobile game anime adaptation! Except this is badass and about a post-apocalyptic dystopia. That cover alone scream waifu material except they can and will kick your ass 10 different ways from here to next week. Girls’ Frontline (or Dolls’ Frontline) is set in a far future where the world has been decimated and private armies now employ android soldiers called Dolls. This story focuses on one squad of Dolls who struggle to win the war once and for all. Will definitely be checking this out, for the fight scenes alone. 

Sasaki to Miyano

The art gave me massive bloom into you vibes, except it’s boys love this time. It’s a cute story of a junior boy insecure about his girly face who has a chance encounter with a delinquent senpai. If it will be anything like Given, then it’s gonna be one good love story. 

Slow Loop

Diary of our Days at the Breakwater PART TWO. Just kidding, but it’s another CGDCT anime about fishing. And this looks like its spiritual successor, about cute girls just relaxing and fishing. The art style looks very comfy, very reminiscent of Yuru Camp. 


Probably one of my most anticipated anime (because I’m idol trash). I’m always a sucker for idoleqsue anime, and this is no exception. 16 girls audition and train to be renown voice actresses, and is another mobile game adaptation. Kindof like D4DJ and Bang Dream. The art looks absolutely gorgeous and will definitely be checking this out. Another waifu material generator. 

Sorairo Utility

A CGDCT anime about golfing. Geez they really out here doing every conceivable topic under the sun and slap that cute girls doing said activity label on it. And we fans will eat that up. Reminds me of Super cub, where it’s a trio of gals just enjoying their favorite activity. Another comfy anime to relax to. 

And that’s it for next season’s anime that I’ll be watching! A chill start to the new year.

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