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Spring Anime 2022 seasonals

Winter 2022 was a strong start to some amazing slice of life anime and sleeper hits in general. Spring looks like an even greater contender for some seriously quality shows with a plethora of idol and slice of life anime to look forward to. 

Must Watches

Machikado Mazoku Season 2

The long awaited RETURN of the best unlucky shadow mistress and gym freak magical girl duo are finally back. Season 1 was an amazing combination of comedy and magical girl shenanigans, and ended off on a plot heavy note. Season 2 will only escalate as Shamiko, Momo, and friends delve into more secrets of their town. Hang in there Shamiko, and become a great demon!

Nijigasaki High School Idol Club Season 2 

The Love Live hype train doesn’t stop. Last summer we got the advent of Liella, and this spring we get the long awaited season 2 for the Nijigasaki girls. Season 1 completely changed the Love Live standard formula by focusing on solo idols and just love for the industry in general, instead of the cookie cutter save the school trope. With even more idols joining the cast, season 2 is sure to be exciting with even better performances. 

Shikimori’s Not Just a Cutie

Doga Koba has been killing it the past couple years with their works, with absolutely fantastic production with My Senpai is Annoying, Selection Project, and Sleepy Princess in the Demon Castle. Shikimori’s not just a cutie is a romcom slice of life, with the daily antics of a pink haired cool beauty. The character designs look fantastic, even by Doga Kobo’s standards. It gives off huge Tonikawa vibes, so this one is a must watch. 

Spy x Family

How could I NOT include this. Probably one of the most hyped anime for a long time now, with a TWO COUR anime, the excitement is real. A spy, assassin, and a telepath are to pretend to be a family for their own agendas, and maybe actually become a real family, this is an action, comedy slice of life to look out for. Haven’t read the manga, but this is gonna be a strong contender for anime of the year. 

Anime that look promising

Healer Girl

Brought to you by Studio 3Hz, the same creators of Princess Principal and Flip Flappers, comes their latest original work. The art is absolutely lovely and OP/ED already slap from the previews (an anime about music has good music, surprise there). The premise is about girls training to use music as a cure all instead of the usual medicine. Not much to go off of, but the fact that it’s by studio 3Hz, I expect great things. 

Ya Boi Kongming

The return of PA works! After Aquatope of White Sand, their next work is a manga adaptation of the manga Ya Boi Kongming. It’s got that distinct PA works art style that I love, and the premise seems interesting enough. A famous general from the warring states period is reincarnated into modern day Japan, and meets an aspiring singer/street performer and vows to help her to become the top music performer. I do like a good underdog story, and this one looks like a good mix of comedy/music performances with interesting characters.

Summertime Render

When I first saw the key visual, it intrigued me in that it looked like a psychological horror anime like Higurashi or Danganronpa. How wrong I was, when I went to read the manga and binged the entire series. The source material is very entertaining, and is some good horror shounen with excellent fights and plot. Without spoiling too much, it’s a bit like Steins gate with shadow monsters involved, and a bit of saving the world. Generic, but it is getting a full 2 cour treatment, so this will be a watch for sure to see how it gets adapted. 


I always love a comfy anime, especially if it’s about a certain topic like camping or cooking. This one seems like that, only it’s a romance as well. Best of both worlds, let’s go. It looks like an enemies at first slow burn romance, where the main characters are at odds to who will inherit a sweets shop. 

Comfort Slice of Life Anime

Shachiku San

This reminded me so much of The Helpful Fox Senko San, in a good way. Little adorable kindred spirits to ease the discomforts of office ladies, sign me up. 

In the heart of kunoichi tsubaki

From the author of Takagi San, the forehead multiverse expands. From that alone, I’ll be trying this out. Looks like a cute slice of life with clumsy ninjas who have no idea what romance is, and is about their shenanigans to learn about what love is. Takagi author really loves their teasing genre. 

RPG Fudou san

Another anime by Doga Kobo this season, looks like a slice of life fantasy email about a MMO? Normally I wouldn’t watch cookie cutter fantasy series, but if it’s by Doga Kobo, gotta show up in force. 

Aharen-san wa Hakarenai

A romance about an eccentric girl and a guy with a scary face, this one will definitely bring a lot of laughs. I’ve heard good things about the manga, so this will be a good comedic anime to chill to. 


An idol anime about Oni girls by Wit Studio. Sounds crazy, but I’m down. Wit Studio always does good work, and it looks like a fresh take on the idol genre. 

Backlog stuff

Rikei Ga Koi season 2

This was a nice surprise, as season 1 wrapped up nicely. An anime about grad students researching what it means to be in love, it’s a good romcom about adults, which is rare enough to see. 

Kaguya Sama Love is War season 3

Oof, I still have no started this s tier anime or manga (despite being up to date on the author’s other work Oshi no Ko, shame on me). So, season 3 will be airing, maybe now I will find the will to binge all of Kaguya Sama. 

Executioner’s Way of Life

Finally another yuri light novel adaptation…that’s good news right? JC staff is in charge, but they are notorious for shafting some anime in favor of focusing on their other works. So this could be a hard hit or miss (especially how Otherside picnic was adapted last year yikes). But a yuri adaptation is an adaptation, so I’ll be checking this out. 

That’s all for the spring anime to look forward to! Lot of sequels, anime originals, and adaptations to be hyped for.

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