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Best of 2022 Anime

It’s been a long time since an update, but thought I would end the year off with a best hits of 2022. 2022 was an amazing year for anime, packed with long anticipated adaptations and awaited sequels, it was hard to rank which were the top 10 (let alone watching everything lol). Before I get roasted for not including the cult favorites like Spy x Family or Chainsawman, I will get around to them eventually. These are my top 10 from what I’ve seen, and damn were they good. 

#10 Akebi’s Sailor Uniform

A beautifully animated show, with PEAK slice of life CGDCT. Akebi the protagonist, goes about her high school life interacting with the colorful cast of classmates, each episode doing some chill and fun shenanigans. 

#9 Made in Abyss Season 2

Five years later, we finally got the continuation to Tragedy the series. The lowest of lows, and the most satisfying of highs, this show still does a great job at world-building and getting us to cry for characters we’ve just met. 

#8 Demon Girl Next Door Season 2

Obligatory Machikado Mazoku, because ShamiMomo deserve it. Second season topped the fast paced comedy aspect that we all know and love, while delving into the deep background lore. Solid season for more ganbate Shamiko. 

#7 Lycoris Recoil

An anime original about cute girl secret agents, I swear spy anime hit different. With Princess Principal, and Lycoris Recoil, with the upcoming Spy Classroom, the quality do be high. The relationship between Chisato and Takina is something to behold, and the entire cast is just great. 

#6 Summer Time Rendering

This was an anime where I saw the poster and then proceeded to read all of the source material. Anime did it justice, and is a great thriller with a unique twist on the time travel concept. 

#5 Ranking of Kings

Prime example of looks can be deceiving. It looked like a basic art style with a wholesome concept, but had one of the best coming of age stories. From literal zero to hero, our protagonist Boji’s story was definitely a heartwarming and tear jerking one. Also the fact that every character was relatable and there was no “true” villain, only just people with their own goals. If you want a story that expands on the typical good vs evil fantasy story, but goes beyond that, this is the anime for you.

#4 Princess Connect Re Dive Season 2

When a sequel blows its predecessor out of the water, you know you’re in for a ride. Season 1 was a comfy slice of life, only getting into the plot at the end. Season 2 was a no stops, no brakes roller coaster with the plot going full blast into the main characters and action scenes that were on par with ufotable’s fight scenes. We get the conclusion to Pecorine and Kyaru’s story, and it’s one hell of an ending with the entire cast. 

#3 Shine Post

2021 was a great year for idol anime, and this year was no different. Shine Post easily stole the show for best idol anime this year, really bringing the genre back to its roots. Banging music, compelling backstories, a worthy rival group, and an underdog story. Honestly, this gave me Zombieland Saga vibes, with how good this sleeper hit was. It represents everything that I love about the idol genre, and did it so well. 

#2 Paripi Koumei

It’s no coincidence that the top 3 anime this year were all music-themed. It seems the formula for songs that slap with a great cast and plot, make for a fantastic anime. I think we all love an underdog story, and Paripi Koumei is no different with aspiring singer Eiko teaming up with reincarnated general Kongming to soar to the top of the music world. All the characters are entertaining and just so likable, even the rivals along the way. For the sound track alone, this anime is worth it. 

#1 Bocchi the Rock!

Cloverworks in 2021 really dropped the ball with Wonder Egg. But in 2022, they redeemed themselves. From Dress Up Darling, to Akebi’s Sailor Uniform, to Bocchi the Rock, they showed off why they’re no slackers. 

Bocchi the Rock is about an aspiring band, with the focus on Hitori Gotoh, a painfully anxious introvert. Why this anime is great? The songs slap of course, but it’s the bandmates that really make this show shine. They perfectly complement each other, from Bocchi’s hilarious awkwardness, Kita’s unparalleled energy, Ryou’s cheapskate antics, and Nijika’s straight man act. That is not to say it’s without its serious moments, as the anime is also Bocchi’s struggle and journey to break out of her shell and truly rock; hence Bocchi the Rock! 

This show is the perfect mix between comedy, slice of life, and individual growth as the bandmates learn to become the rockers that Bocchi always wanted to be.

That’s all for the top anime of 2022. 2023 is shaping up to be as good, if not more hype a year. Merry Christmas all, and keep on rocking like Bocchi. 

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