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2023 Resurgence of Yuri Anime

After a long drought of no yuri anime…we were finally blessed with not one, but many yuri anime announcements at the same time. 2023 is going to be a great year for yuri fans all over to finally feast. Starting off strong with the first one, we all know which one I’m talking about. You know it, I know it, everybody knows it.

I’m in Love with the Villainess (2023 premiere)

At long last. Years later, we as a community finally made it. Congratulations to Inori sensei, Aono-sensei, and Hanagata-sensei for delivering this beautiful work to us. 

ILTV will be adapted by Platinum Vision (most known for Kono Oto Tomare, Koroshi Ai, and Servamp). 

Rei Taylor will be voiced by Yuu Serizawa (known for voicing main roles in 3D Kanojo, Magical Girl Site, How to Not Summon a Demon Lord, Shine Post, and Tonikawa) and Claire Francois will be voice by Karin Nanami (known for roles in Kakegurui, Muv-Luv Alternative, and Smile of the Arsnotoria). 

From the teaser alone, the visuals are colorful and the voices are fantastic. The designs may be a little rough, but the story will for sure make up for it. Minor spoilers, but hopefully they adapt to the end of the manga 5th volume (if you know, you know). Fingers crossed for Rei and Claire singing the ED, like in Bloom into You!

Brief synopsis because I can’t help myself; Oohashi Rei, overworked OL, is reincarnated as the heroine Rei Taylor in her favorite otome game Revolution. But she doesn’t want to romance any of the princes; her one and only love is the villainess, Claire Francois! Unfortunately, it won’t be an easy path, as Rei realizes the game’s events are playing out in real time and must figure out how to save Claire from her gruesome end. That’s all peanuts to actually having Claire warm up to her, the tsundere levels are high for this one folks. Cheer for Rei, as our unapologetic protagonist goes head first to woo and save her beloved!

This is my most anticipated anime of 2023 (sorry Jujutsu Kaisen season 2 and Oshi no Ko). It will be a treat to see my favorite yuri heroines take the screen and develop their relationship from their whacky antics to something genuine. The character development of Rei and Claire is something to behold, and the romance feels natural. Look out for this one, this anime will take the community by storm!

The Magical Revolution of Reincarnated Princess and Genius Young Lady (Winter 2023 premiere)

Another yuri light novel adaptation and it’s a banger! This is another must watch, as the story is tight, and the characters are all bright and interesting. 

Brief background: Euphyllia is wed to a prince for a political marriage, but is suddenly canceled?!? In jumps princess Anise to rescue her, claiming she’ll show her something great, before whisking (kidnapping?) her. Follow this yuri comedy with a political intrigue plot, with a hell of a climax. 

Yuri is my Job! (Spring 2023 premiere)

If you want a melodramatic yuri comedy that loves to play on the usual yuri tropes, this is the anime for you. Based off the manga, Yuri is my Job follows Hime who gets scammed into working for a maid cafe themed around the yuri sister relations between workers. Unfortunately, her designated elder sister hates her guts, for reasons unknown. Follow this romance from frenemies to possibly lovers, as Hime gets trolled on for her job and co-worker. 

Stardust Telepath

The recent trend of 4koma shoujo-ai manga getting anime is great, and I’m all for it. Demon girl next door and Bocchi the Rock come to mind, and Stardust Telepath will go down with the greats as the next sleeper hit. 

The main theme is around an introverted girl who meets an alien who can communicate via forehead telepathy. She swears to build a rocket to space together to return home, and help her make friends along the way. It’s a wholesome story about CGDCT, and building rockets. Kind of like other 4koma manga focusing on a single activity like fishing (slow loop) or stargazing (koisuru asteroid). If it’s anything like recent slice of life anime, it’s a for sure watch. 

Whisper Me a Love Song

The THIRD Yuri-hime manga to get greenlit for anime this year (insanity!), Whisper Me a Love Song has been hailed as Bloom into You’s spiritual successor. A girls’ love manga about Himari an everyday student falling in love at first sight with band singer Yori, only the twist is that Himari meant it as a fangirl thing. Yori is determined to make Himari fall in love with not only her singer self, but her real self. 

The art is this manga is some quality primo, and I can’t wait to see a ton of songs in the anime. A yuri anime around bands, now THAT’s a first. (insert; someone said Himari and Yori look like alt-versions of Yukino and Yui from Oregairu, now I can’t unsee it oops).

A must watch when it airs, their relationship is wholesome and the songs are sure to slap. 

Vexations of a Shut in Vampire Princess

A vampire yuri! It’s been a while since one of these, ever since Miss Vampire Who Lives in my Neighborhood aired in 2018, which was a cute wholesome show. I don’t know much about this series, but the basic premise is a NEET vampire princess goes around saving damsels in distress and creates a yuri harem? I’ve heard good things and I can never say no to vampires and yuri. Recent vampire shows have been huge hits for me, including Irina the Vampire Cosmonaut and Call of the Night (HIGHLY recommend both of these shows). 

That’s it for 2023 yuri anime announcements. If Bloom into You season 2 got announced, it would really be the end of the world. Look forward to next year, and Merry Christmas to all!

One thought on “2023 Resurgence of Yuri Anime

  1. Needs Bloom into You season 2! We haven’t even gotten to the “all important” school play yet, unlike in say Blue Drop, where who cares about global alien invasion, “the show must go on” 😁

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