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Zombieland Saga Revenge Episode 1 Thoughts

We are back at it again, Zombieland Saga Revenge. Let’s get that bread.

And what a twist of events? Our beloved zombie idols are working day jobs now, with a kind of creepy corporate song to start off with about flavor or some crap.  

It looks like Franchouchou is back to where it started, from the absolute bottom. And we soon learn why. They were on the road to success. (peep season 1 final episode)

Until they bit off way more then they could chew.

That’s gonna leave a mark. And so they are now working off the debt they racked up from renting such a large stadium. But Franchouchou holds out hope they can come back from this, after all, they’ve overcome way worse in the past. Unfortunately, their manager Tatsumi has given up. If even their crazy, indomitable will, will sell his soul to the devil for tickets manager gave up, it’s not looking good.

How the mighty have fallen. It kinda hurts to see the passionate lunatic fall so far. But the girls have a plan to hold one last performance to try to rekindle the flame in Tatsumi again, by holding a performance at the first place they ever performed; the rock metal place. 

But Tatsumi seems to have been broken. 😦

That hurts deep.

It especially hurts, since when Sakura had given up last season, Tatsumi swore to her he would never give up on her. Only this time around, Tatsumi has given up, while Sakura wants to help him. Already a feels sad start to the season, c’mon summon the Okabe mad scientist persona in you again! The other girls steel their resolve, even if Tatsumi won’t come to their performance. 

Tatsumi, once again bar hopping, is talking to the bartender, and the bartender berates him for investing so much in “idol has beens” and “rotting zombies”. He then loses it and realizes he can’t give up now. 

Never disrespect the manager’s idol group. Only he can mess with them, no one else. 

Meanwhile, Franchouchou’s performance is going poorly, as none of the rockers are interested and want them kicked off the stage.

Until he shows up. And a massive brawl breaks out. 

Props to the skinny and tubby punk rockers for helping out. They were Franchouchou’s first ever fans, and they were loyal to a T.

Rise from the ashes they did, and their new song fittingly called “Revenge”. And it is straight fire. I can’t wait to see what new songs they unveil later in the season. 

The Return of the Crazy Lunatic Manager whose Passion cannot be rivaled

And the return of Kotaro Tatsumi. At full strength. What a strong first episode, brought out some major feels. I was very surprised it focused on Tatsumi, and it really made him stand out. He wasn’t perfect, and despite his immense bravado, even he could buckle sometimes in his faith. But he kept moving forward, and would do whatever it takes to make Franchouchou go to the top, even if they had to start all over. Zombieland Saga Revenge indeed, because they are back with a vengeance. They will kick and fight their way to the top, zombies be damned.

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