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I’m In Love with the Villainess Pop up Shop and More News

There was some fantastic news concerning I’m in Love with the Villainess yesterday…

A Pop-up store running from June 12 to June 30, to celebrate the release of the 2nd manga volume of ILTV! A temporary store JUST for ILTV merch…this news was out of left field, but boy did it make me grin when I saw this tweet in the morning. Source

Inori Sensei lol. But CONGRATULATIONS Inori Sensei, this is just one more step to an anime. Unfortunately, they will not be shipping overseas, so you gotta go in person. This is the selection of items that will be on sale, all of which look quite lovely. 

Sigh…I wish I could be in person, I’d buy out the entire store. Potential anime won’t fund itself! It really cannot be overstated that this is quite big news, perhaps the manga publisher is trying to gauge interest for an anime, since merch sales are a huge portion for a possible anime being successful. Additionally, it’s very interesting that Ichijinsha (the publisher) is pulling out all the stops to promote this yuri title…I’m no detective but I smell some tomfoolery of the good sort going on. 

Secondly, the release of the 2nd manga volume is releasing on June 17, and just like last time, will be doing a limited benefits edition with a cute keychain!

At this rate, I’m starting to believe that the publisher will release a keychain for each manga volume release (VERY SPICY). Link for purchase. (Note: if you are overseas, you will need to use a proxy or forwarding service to ship it to your country). 

Now for other ILTV related news…

ILTV ranked 12th in the 2021 Yuri Manga Awards! Round of applause for Inori sensei and Aonoshita sensei for their hard work. Source to news

As for other important polls, the nominations for the Nico Nico Next Manga 2021 Awards have closed. These awards are for up and coming manga, to spread their clout. Fans vote to nominate their favorite works to be able to compete in the next rounds, of which then fans then vote to decide which are the top ranked titles. The qualifying titles will be announced in mid-late June, then the announced winners around August. Fingers crossed that ILTV makes it to the next round!

Secondly, voting has closed for the Tsutaya Comic Awards. A larger, and prestigious manga awards, the results of the winners will release in mid-late June. Very interestingly enough, the prior ranked 1 winners of the Tsutaya Comic Awards have all received or announced as an anime adaptation (save for Spy x Family but let’s be real, that’s only a matter of time). If ILTV got first place, that would be insane. But any title ranked in the top 10 is good publicity for sure. 

That’s all the ILTV related news for now, but it’s been nothing but good news so far! Stay tuned for any big announcements. Good luck Inori Sensei, we the fans always have your back. 

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